Turkish Language Classes

TCC regularly conducts public and private classes throughout the year. Hundreds of students have learned Turkish by our centre for work, travel, love, and more reasons. Currently there are all levels of classes for complete beginners to advanced learners. Turkish language is easy and fun with our experienced teachers. 



Ebru Art Courses

A long heritage of water marbling has been practiced for ages from China to India, Persia, to Central Asia and Ottoman Empire to whole world now. It carries out beauty of harmony, elegance dances of colors on the surface of water, and from water to life; right into a face of paper. Any one at almost any age can practice and learn this tradition and create very of their own masterpieces.

Cooking Classes

Turkish home cooking is nothing much in the restaurants. Cooking classes are organized by Turkish women as Mothers’ Day Celebrations and Henna Nights are. 

Academic Seminars & Talks

Academics, journalists and community leaders are invited to deliver talks on history and culture of Turkey, and social subjects.



Community Events

TCC participates in public events such as neighbourhoods', Comunity Centres' Schools', Universities' community events and festivals island-wide to create public awareness about Turkey and its culture. 


International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is celebrated every year in April throughout Singapore schools. Turkish Cultural Centre actively participates in Int’l Friendship Day by introducing the Turkish culture, art, music, dance and food.