Turkic Languages & Characteristics

The Turkic languages are spoken over a large geographical area in Europe and Asia. It is spoken in the Azeri, the Türkmen, the Tartar, the Uzbek, the Baskurti, the Nogay, the Kyrgyz, the Kazakh, the Yakuti, the Cuvas and other dialects. Turkish belongs to the Altaic branch of the Ural-Altaic family of languages, and thus […]

Old Turkish Texts

The oldest written records are found upon stone monuments in Central Asia, in the Orhon, Yenisey and Talas regions within the boundaries of present-day Mongolia. These were erected to Bilge Kaghan (735), Kültigin (732), and the vizier Tonyukuk (724-726). These monuments document the social and political life of the Gokturk Dynasty. After the waning of […]

Legends of Turkish Language

Kaşgarlı Mahmut (1008 – 1105)AD A linguist, a geographer, a historian, a teacher and writer of the first known Turkish language grammar book called ” Divân-ı Lügati’t-Türk (1074)AD”

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